UTG Compact CQB Bug Buster Specs
Magnification: 3x – 9x
Objective Lens: 32mm
Exit Pupil: 3x – 10.6mm; 9x – 3.6mm
Eye Relief: 4.2″ – 3.2″
FOV @ 100 yards: 3x – 37.7′; 9x – 14
Tube Diameter: 1″
Length: 206mm
Weight: 13.9 oz
Adjustment Click Rate: 1/4 MOA
Parallax: 3 yards – Infinity
Batteries: CR1620 3V

UTG 3-9x32 Compact CQB Bug Buster Scope

UTG, who also goes by Leapers, seems to design all their products with the customer in mind. A good amount of UTG products are manufactured in the United States, primarily in Livonia, Michigan.

Although UTG is completely American owned, they do have some work that is manufactured in Taiwan, but it is all owned by UTG.

Every product that I have ever purchased from them for my AR-15 has been extremely high quality, and seemed to be designed with the customer in mind the whole way through; even though the price of the products suggest that there may have been shortcuts taken, there is no evidence of that in anything I have ever used made by UTG.

Something else I love about this company and their products is that they are constantly making changes to their products based on customer reviews and suggestions, which proves that they always have the customer in mind when designing and producing their scopes.

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When I am looking into buying a new scope for my AR-15 rifle, I have specifications that I look for along with things that I know I don’t want in a scope. Of course the main reason for a scope is to have accurate alignment for your target, along with allowing for extremely precise estimates of the range to the target.

I look for a scope that allows me to compensate for bullet drop and windage, which I found that this, UTG compact scope allows me to do very well. Just as an extra bonus for me, this particular scope is fog proof, rain proof, and thankfully for me, shockproof.

Something else that I always make sure to look for in a scope is a clear lens. I don’t have the best eye sight in the world so a scope with a lens made out of a cheap material just complicates things for me.

This UTG Bug Buster does wonders for me in terms of having the clearest lens on any scope I have ever owned. This particular scope has a 1 inch tube with an emerald coated lens, making everything crystal clear for me.

In the few weeks that I have owned this scope, I have used it multiple times on my AR-15 rifle and I have not had one problem with it fogging up on me and I am still amazed at how clear this lens is!

I originally bought this because I own the 5th gen Bug Buster and I really like that scope. I was hoping that this scope would have even more improvements than that one; not only did this scope meet my expectations on the improvements from the 5th gen, but it completely blew my expectations out of the water! If the last UTG scope that I bought didn’t already make me a customer for life, this one definitely did.

This is a very solid, heavy scope that doesn’t wobble around on the gun. Overall, the quality of the material is very strong and durable. After knocking it around a few times, it seems to be holding up very well.

Also, after putting over 120 rounds through the weapon, it still held at zero with absolutely no problem. It also has quick release knobs which are very convenient.

There are windage adjustment knobs and elevation adjustment knobs so you can adjust the windage and elevation and lock that in place. There is also a hex screw on top and a lock screw on the bottom.

The laser sight is quoted at 100 yards and that holds very true. There are illuminated, mil dot cross hairs that can either be red or green, depending on your surroundings so you can choose whichever color works best for you.

The brightness of the illumination can also be adjusted depending on what time of day you are using it; this comes in handy when using the gun at long range around dusk or when it is completely dark out.

The zero lockable and zero resettable turrets are something about this scope that I love as well. They have consistent ¼ MOA per click adjustment which is a positive, along with there being plenty of tactile and audible feedback.

This scope also features an adjustable objective from 3 yards but can also be adjust in order to achieve a parallax-free view. This is also accurately marked for yardage. It’s nice to be able to range something and set the AO to that range and see it clearly without further adjustment, especially with front adjusting AO.

As far as lens caps go, this one is a very solid rubber lens cap, although it is non-transparent so it needs to be popped up in order to use the scope, which is not that big of a deal. It is kind of tight, which some people don’t really love, but it assures that I don’t lose it so I am happy with it.

All tools are included with this scope including the two batteries, and the rings were separately boxed and wrapped. The picatinny rings are QD and definitely not cheap; they’re extremely heavy duty. I have taken them off and they do continue to remain at zero.

The eye relief on this scope has a very large field of view, ranging between a little over three inches to a bit over four inches, complete with a two inch sunshade. This makes it perfect for a quick acquisition.

This is something about the scope that pleasantly surprised me, especially for such a cheap scope. There is a long eye relief on the scope that really helps to open up the eye field of view, enabling for a swift target acquisition.

This is a really nice thing, especially for deer hunting, just in case one happens to pop up right in front of you.

Looking back at every little aspect of this scope that I bought specifically for my AR-15, it really seems that this new UTG generation compact CQB scope is much more than I anticipated.

Besides maybe one or two miniscule errors that aren’t even worth mentioning, UTG really designed a great scope here that is worth much more than the small price that is being asked for this.

The scope actually seemed to be much higher quality, structurally and design wise, than a couple scopes that I have spent upwards of 500 dollars on and this is definitely much improved since the 5th gen bug buster. It is delivers similar performance to the Monstrum and Barska 3-9x scopes.

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