NcSTAR Mark III Specs
Magnification: 4x
Objective Lens: 32mm
Exit Pupil: 8mm
Eye Relief: 3″
FOV @ 100 yards: 27.3′
Length: 6.63″
Weight: 14.1 oz
Adjustment Click Rate: 1/2 MOA
Finish: Matte Black

NcSTAR Mark III Quick Release Scope

This great quality, Mark III Quick Release Tactical Scope is part of the Mark III Tactical series and was designed and made by NcStar. This reliable company has been around since 1997, offering scopes, mounts, and lasers, along with many other rifle accessories.

Their mission has always been the same goal; to provide reasonably priced, high quality optics. They strive to come up with innovative designs using feedback from customers, along with maintaining great customer service.

All optics built by Ncstar are built to the highest quality control standards and also all come with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee.

NcStar optics are used in all different circumstances including novice marksmen, professional shooters, and even the armed forces; anyone can find something that works for their skill level.

I originally bought this Mark III to use on my AR-15 rifle. The price was the first thing that stood out to me.

Even though this is no Acog, you are provided with so many different features that you would typically have to pay hundreds of dollars extra for and that makes this just an amazing steal. NcStar is a great company who really does make high quality products and this is, by far, one of those great products.

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One of the nice little additions that comes with this scope, is an extra battery to power the illumination. You get a couple different options besides just the regular crosshair, including red and green illuminated crosshairs.

The different color options for the crosshair is a great feature for this scope because it just makes it that much more versatile. This feature makes shooting in any type of circumstances easy. If your target is in the grass, or it is starting to hit dusk, you just have to use the red illumination and you can still shoot with ease.

One of the nice things about this specific scope is that it is very easy to zero and always does return to zero every time. In the past, I have had some difficulties zeroing some of the other scopes that I have used and I have not had that problem with this Mark III scope.

It only took about 30 rounds on my AR-15 to sight it at about 100 yards. I would personally recommend that you use this scope anywhere from 25 all the way to 100 yards. Using this scope at anything less than 25 yards or for close-in support, I would advise getting a HUD. The mil dot reticle can easily be used to estimate range, especially if you know the size of your target.

The overall quality of this scope is very impressive. The sight is very crisp and clear, which is very useful for long range shots. I have had bad experiences in the past with scopes that are blurry or distorted and that is definitely not a problem that will be faced with this scope. Yes, this scope works extremely well, but even more than that, the construction of this scope is very solid, which is a great bonus.

Even though everything works great, the eye relief was a bit shorter than anticipated. After speaking to multiple other people who own this scope, I have found out that I’m not the only person experiencing this problem.

I did a bit of investigation and found out that it may have been my misunderstanding about what eye relief really is. In reality, eye relief is determined to be the point where it becomes blurry when you look through the glass. With this exact scope, it usually begins to get a fishbowl look around three inches. This is also where the eyepiece is fully covering the inner barrel. You still continue to have a full view of the objective lens though.

There are plenty of aspects about this scope that are worthy of praise, but of course I must mention one of the minor downfalls of the Mark III, although it is a fixable issue. One problem I, along with many others, have experienced is that the reticle and the mount are crooked and not level.

This is actually a pretty common problem that I’ve had to deal with before on NcStar scopes but fortunately, this is something that can be easily fixed because it’s only caused by the base being screwed on unevenly.

The base is only being held on by 2, 3mm Allen screws which can easily be undone and re adjusted. Most of the time this solves the problem but if it doesn’t or you don’t want to screw around with it, NcStar has great customer service and a great warranty and they will deal with the issue for you.

In the many years that I have been hunting, I have gone through scope after scope, trying to find one that I like the best. I am a very picky person who likes very specific characteristics in a scope and honestly, I never thought a scope at such a reasonable price would satisfy me in every area.

This Mark III has a very solid structure that is very well built and well designed. I love the different colors of illuminated cross hairs along with the fact that it is easy to zero, (and stays at zero!) Of course there always has to be something that I would change, but all in all, I would buy this scope again and recommend it to anyone looking for a cheap scope that comes with everything you could want.

The Mark III is comparable to the other 4x fixed scope we reviewed, the Dual III. They have pretty similar specs; both are 4x, 32mm, and have illuminated reticles. The weight and length are a wash, but the Dual III does have a slightly longer eye relief.

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