Aim Sports Dual III Specs
Magnification: 4x
Objective Lens: 32mm
Exit Pupil: 8mm
Eye Relief: 3.5″
FOV @ 100 yards: 36.6′
Tube Diameter: 30mm
Length: 6″
Weight: 16.4 oz
Adjustment Click Rate: 1/4 MOA
Batteries: CR2032
Lens Coating: Green
Finish: Matte Black

AIM Sports 4x32 Dual III Scope
Aim Sports Inc. is somewhat of a newer company in term of how long they’ve been in business for, which is only about five years.
Aim was established in 2007, but did not actually start out by manufacturing their own products.

It all began by doing private label production for other manufacturers that had already established their name in the industry.

After being in that game for a short period of time, they had an overwhelming amount of requests from dealers, merchants and consumers for access to reasonably priced products that still maintained the great quality that they were known for.

From then on, the rest is history; they succeeded where others would have failed, conquering great feats that many companies starting off typically fail to overcome.

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Like a knowledgeable company should, they based their business off of feedback by clients of the industry, conquering such a competitive market from the beginning.

They were able to flourish while also maintaining their high quality products and constantly exceeding the customers, and their own, expectations.

Always continuing to expand, they have moved on from only offering mounts and other accessories for firearms, all the way to including many products aimed to enhance guns, including scopes.

Their wide variety of high quality products, along with their constant commitment to improving their products based on customer feedback has pushed Aim Sports ahead of everyone else to the front of the pack in the firearms industry.

Being one of the most popular scopes by Aim Sports, the Aim Sports 4×32 Dual III scope is one of the most advanced, structurally designed scopes on the market.

When I ordered the AIM Dual III for my AR-15 rifle, it came with an Allen wrench, two batteries, a lens cloth (that comes in really handy when you are out hunting and have a smudge on your land), and an instruction manual, which isn’t really instructions, it just goes over features and specifications.

On the front end of the scope, there is a really nice Aim Sports Logo which looks really spiffy on the scope. Although that is just an aesthetics thing, it’s still a nice addition.

This scope is completely constructed out of metal which you can tell is very well built and of the highest quality; it goes very nicely with my Bushmaster AR-15.

The mounting knobs are fairly easy to work with, but come pretty loose, which isn’t that big of a deal, at least not to me. There is a side screw on the right side which gives you the ability to adjust for windage.

In order to get to the battery compartment, which is what powers the illumination, there is an adjustment knob on the top that must be twisted to the left. This particular scope uses one of those small, round batteries that a watch usually uses.

A nice add on to this scope is a sunshade above the lens. On the inside of the sunshade, there are threads to add on additional options like a kill flash or a lens protector.

Especially for the low price you are paying for this scope, this is a very nice surprising addition. The best part about this scope, and probably the coolest, is the tri-color illuminated crosshair!

You get to choose whether there is a green, red, or blue dot in the middle of your crosshair. But it gets even better; you also get to choose between three intensity settings, depending on your preference.

It is all based on what suits you best, but there are better times to use one color versus another.

For example, if you are shooting a target laying in the grass, you’re probably not going to want to use green, (common sense, kind of?) Around dusk, blue works the best for me, but any other time of day, green or red would usually be my first pick.

Even when the illumination is not on, you can still see the crosshair, which is nice if your battery dies, (it only lasts about six hours.) The ONLY downfall of this feature is the illuminator only appears in the center of the crosshair.

The crosshair on this particular scope is somewhat discreet so it helps to not distort any targets and you have a very clear field of view. Another plus is that the crosshair has hashes to help compensate for bullet drop.

On top of the scope is an awesome fiber-optic dual witness, which comes installed with the red fiber tube, although you also get a yellow fiber tube as well. The front dot glows intense red, down to practically no light.

This is one great feature in this “bargain” scope that you would typically need to pay extra for.

Since there are so many great features on this scope, I have to be extremely critical to find anything to actually complain about; so here’s my bit of criticism: the eye relief on this scope is advertised to be 3.5 inches, although I found it to only be 2 ½ inches, which is not a huge downfall, but I was just expecting it to be as it was stated, so just a little heads up on that one.

A length of only 6″ makes it one of the shorter scopes we’ve reviewed, and the specs are most comparable to the NcStar Mark III, another 4×32 scope.

The only real flaws are pretty much aesthetics which only affects the overall look of the scope.

None of this affects the actual usability of the scope, just pure look, and I can’t imagine too many men that are into hunting and guns, caring a massive amount about look above performance.

The special features on this Aim Sports 4×32 Dual III, including the three choices for illumination which I still think is very impressive, were pleasantly surprising to me, especially for the mere price paid for this gun.

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