About Me

Bob Hammell
Welcome to BestAR15Scopes! My name is Bob Hammell and I’ve been an avid shooter since my dad started taking me hunting as a kid. I started with trainer rifles and eventually found myself shooting AR 15s.

Once I got my hands on one I couldn’t go back. As I shot more and more I wanted to shoot further and further. That’s where my obsession with scopes came in. I had to try every one I could get my hands on.

Seeing which ones performed the best, were accurate and just felt good shooting. I decided to make this website to share some of my knowledge and experience with you.

I’ve written a number of articles on general shooting, and me and some colleagues have put together a list of reviews of our favorite scopes.

I hope you can gain a lot of insight from the content that we’ve put here. And hopefully it will guide you in finding the best AR 15 scope for your needs. If you have any questions, comments, or review requests let us know on our Contact page. Hope to hear from you!